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Just wondering about the position and Herron? I know he has dropsies issues but in camp he was all the rave. What's next? We need a third and I ke guy bad for third down conversions.

Coming into the season, the Bucs had one of the worst WR corps in the NFL.  Why on Earth would you even think our Slot WR would be anything more than below average?

one of the worst? Really?

Oh, absolutely.  That article that came out at the beginning of the season had the Bucs ranked 27th.  I thought that was a little too generous at the time, but now, I know for a fact that it is.

Please... Jackson, Evans, Murphy is a decent 1, 2, 3.

Ok.  If you think so.  Jackson at this point is "ok".

But not better than Justin Blackmon right?

Blackmon is much more talented.  It's not even close.  Blackmon's issues are off the field, not on it.

Id rather have Evans, Jackson and Murphy on my team than some of these other teams WR corps.Ray Rice and AP have issues off the field too, would you give them a contract? Lol what an idiotic thing to say.

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