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    I would also be fine subbing in Norv Turner for Shanahan...

I was listening to the local news here in Ohio and it sounds like the decision on the rest of Chuds staff will come later today. Could be a completely new staff in Cleveland already. I'd love to snag Norv or Horton from them. Not sure if Horton would adapt his D to fit us though.

Depends on how long the Glazers take to make a decision. Sometimes they tend to stretch these things out and all the best candidates and assistants get nabbed up.

Lets hope they make a quick decision whether is keeping Schiano or not. Sullivan HAS to go. No excuse for the play calling and poor offensive play. Norv is pretty good at developing QBs and Schiano may think he can save Glennon. But will Norv wanna come here knowing that he could be in the same jobless position next year?

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