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I would spend all of my resources in this draft building the best team I could sans QB.  If one of the big 3 fell to us I would auction him off to the highest bidder.  I would make certain I did everything I could in the draft and FA to give whichever QB is the starter the best chance to succeed.  I would go into camp with McCown and Glennon listed as 1a and 1b on the depth chart plus a couple of training camp arms as not to wear these two out.  I would give Glennon and McCown equal reps and make it a true competition.  Best man wins.The reason I would do this is that I honestly feel Glennon will be a good QB in this league, but he needs to prove it by beating someone that presents a reasonable bar to him.  If I am wrong then atleast we have McCown as a safety net for the next 2 years and can devote multiple picks next year into trading up for a QB.  As was said earlier we have all new coaches and new schemes and there just won't be enough reps to go around for 3 potential starters.  Whichever guy won out of that 3 way competition still would not be prepared.

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