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Interesting question, but I do not at all believe the Glazers are looking at it as that Lovie needs to find a franchise QB by 2016. I think after spending five straight years with a clown as a head coach, the Glazers realize the value in having a coach who isn't an idiot and are going to give Lovie a Gruden-esque amount of time to find his guy, provided Lovie shows himself to be fully capable if doing everything else, like Gruden.

40 years in this league come 2016.  Over 600 games without a franchise QB.We have let every franchise quality QB leave...  You may be right about their patience, but somehow I doubt it...  You guys know my answer to this problem.  Many think the same way.  Do whatever it takes to get Bridgewater.  2 firsts, Glennon and a late pick to the Rams.    The only flaw in my answer is Houston, in this scenario they take Clowney.  3 firsts (yes, I said it) to Houston.  Crazy?  Maybe.  Realistic?  Probably not.

If that's your opinion, fine, but I think if Lovie and Licht show themselves capable of fixing the rest of the offense and the defense takes the next step, they're not getting fired in two, or even three years just because they don't get a franchise QB. The Glazers aren't going to want to take the chance of hiring another clown like Morris or Schiano.

FRG - that was damned near optimistic coming from you.  And I suspect the bucs will pick at least one qb in this draft.  If one of the top 4 is there at 7 he will become a buccaneer.  So I think the process for finding a franchise like QB starts this year in the draft ( and consideration/evaluation of Glennon will take place at the same time )

I'm gonna agree with FRG here. I think that he Glazers will be patient with Lovie and that he will be in Tampa for quite some time. 4 different coaches in a 7 year span is really embarrassing. Expect Lovie to be here quite a while.

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