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ust saw a brief segment on Cowboys D on NFL Live, and it did NOT resemble Lovie/Frazier’s passive defense in any respect.  They were “zone-blitzin’, and “double-A gap” blitzing, and playing much more aggressively, in respect to getting after the QB.  There is NO way anyone can say the Cowboy’s have more talent on D than we do, BUT their coaching is EXPONENTIALLY better.  The ‘Boys are playing without their 2 best players last season, in Sean Lee and Ware, who’s in Denver, and are playing Rolondo McClain, who been out of football for 2 years, at the critical MLB position.  This monstrosity of a defense is squarely on Lovie Smith.  I think he surrounded himself with “yes” guys on the defensive coaching staff, and its very concerning that he got his son coaching the Safety’s.  Is Smith’s son really the best we could find to coach the S position?  Unless this coaching staff in BLOWN UP, this will be a continuing disaster on defense, IMO.  Giving Lovie Smith free reign was a HUGE mistake by the Glazers.

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