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The problem is a lot of the issues aren’t about the complexity of the defense. A guy playing zone technique when man defense is called has nothing to do with “the scheme”.I will also say that this scheme isn't that new.  We are playing man under cover 2, cover 3 zone, cover 2 zone, Tampa 2 zone and so forth. Everyone plays those coverages. Up front we are one gaping. We were a one gap team last year. Gap integrity is a part of every defensive scheme.  Every defense has assignments and landmarks and responsibility. Lovie didn't invent the idea of backside contain to stop a bootleg that is just standard since you were in pop Warner defense and we are blowing that. I'd understand if we were blowing a couple of plays a game but we are inept for way, way, way too many plays per game to use the " we are learning excuse".

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