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The problem is a lot of the issues aren't about the complexity of the defense. A guy playing zone technique when man defense is called has nothing to do with "the scheme".I will also say that this scheme isn't that new.  We are playing man under cover 2, cover 3 zone, cover 2 zone, Tampa 2 zone and so forth. Everyone plays those coverages. Up front we are one gaping. We were a one gap team last year. Gap integrity is a part of every defensive scheme.  Every defense has assignments and landmarks and responsibility. Lovie didn't invent the idea of backside contain to stop a bootleg that is just standard since you were in pop Warner defense and we are blowing that. I'd understand if we were blowing a couple of plays a game but we are inept for way, way, way too many plays per game to use the " we are learning excuse".

I haven't seen any of the Bucs use the "we are learning excuse." In fact, I dont even think Brooks used the "they are learning" excuse. I think Brooks just said (paraphrasing) dont expect us be back at 2002.  There are two different issues being disucssed: One is the notion that you should fire a coach after 5 or 6 games. In most instances that is absurd, but even more so when its an established NFL coach.  In essence, the problem is most people's expectations are out of whack in part because the team sold the whole "win now" idea and in part because of Lovie's connection to the past. That's all great, but fans expectations do not often equal reality. Look no further than the very example you mention (playing zone when its man), which involved a guy just off the street. Some of the other critical mistakes in the Raven's game (according to White) involve guys that were back ups to backups (Lansanah) and guys that Lovie has nothing to do with other than perhaps not replacing them already (LJ and Barron). Sure the coaching staff is responsible, but even the DC is not Lovie's first choice. I am not saying that this is a reason to ignore all that has happened, BUT I AM SAYING THAT ITS FOOLISH TO SAY "FIRE HIM NOW"  . . .UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES.Think of it this way: Lovie should get LESS time than Morris and Schiano?????? C'mon now . . .The second issue is Brooks comment (paraphrasing) that fans should temper their expectations because it takes a while to get to the "defense of old."  That is so obviously true that it hardly merits a defense, but its dismissed on these boards because people on message boards turn everything into absolutes to suit their own view. So, Brooks truism becomes this strawman: "the ONLY thing we need is time." HOF'er Brooks becomes a liar and a "company man." Silly stuff.  All we need are many things, among them more talent and much better coaching. Last season the Cowboys defense was horrific under Monte, this season quite good under Marinelli. There have been some small schematic changes but basically guys who didnt exhibit gap integrity etc under one coach do under another. I am willing to wait at least as long as I did with Morris and Schiano to see if Lovie works out. If that puts me in the minority (and it seems it does) then so be it

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