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Second, if Lovie/Frazier were hired as the DC of a competitive team (eg. the Bengals or Seahawks) there's no way you're using a defence that requires so much installation that you're throwing away half the season or longer.

Great point. Good teams have to hire new defensive coordinators every year. They don't just say we don't expect to compete this year because they got a new coach.

The 4-12 Bucs are comparable to the Bengals and Seahawks?  Damn, fire Lovie now!!!Btw, did the Bucs ever say the defense required "so much installation" that we would suck? Has anyone ever actually said that?  I dont think anyone has said the defense is complex; in fact, its the opposite of that, right?Lovie's defense, like most defenses, takes talent and discipline and understanding and confidence (buy in).  The current defense lacks all of that, in part. Its a team sport. Guys miss their assignments because of lack of talent, lack of understanding and lack of trust . . . whatever the reason, you break down, you often lose.

First, If the Buccaneers players can't learn the defence then clearly it requires too much installation. That's pretty basic. "Too much installation" doesn't require complexity.Defences, all while being very similar on the field, can require radically different cues, reads, and calls to achieve the same effect.  You could have two Tampa 2 defences being as similar as a chicken and a rock.  Think of it like a car - you can have the same frae but what's under the hood is entirely different producign two very different cars.Or think of offences.  Two teams can run double slants out of a 21 set - but can use entirely different terminology (eg. West Coast vs. Perkins), require different reads of the QB, have different adjustments for the WRs, etc. etc. etc.  Much like defences, there are any "new" offensive plays (there's nothing new under the sun).  Instead, what keeps changing is how they're called, how plays are packaged, etc. etc.  Second, this team defensively had some success last year.  If the Bucs were the 2013 Cowboys, continued struggles would not be surprising.  But to go from a respectable (if not amazing) defence to a historically terrible defence is the issue.While there can be some growing pains, there is no acceptable explanation for the play of this defence.

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