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Derrick Brooks says everyone should be patient, it takes a while to get everyone on the same page with this D . . . . . Red Board says "he doesn't know what he is talking about" . . . and then says the defense is worse than last year based on ONE GAMEsmh

It's only been one week.It's only been two weeks.It's only been three weeks.It's only been four weeks.It's only been five weeks.It's only been six weeks.When does it stop, leghumper?

wait, I though Derrick Brooks was the "leghumper"?lolonly in the weird world of massage boards would a guy be calling for an established head coach's job after week one and act like he is on the right side of logic  . . . worse yet, calling those who say maybe he should at least have the same opportunity as Morris and Schiano "leghumpers"  roflmao Buggsy, I am with you, they should've fired him right after he landed here  . . . why wait until week 1?

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