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Derrick Brooks says everyone should be patient, it takes a while to get everyone on the same page with this D . . . . . Red Board says "he doesn't know what he is talking about" . . . and then says the defense is worse than last year based on ONE GAMEsmh

It's only been one week.It's only been two weeks.It's only been three weeks.It's only been four weeks.It's only been five weeks.It's only been six weeks.When does it stop, leghumper?

Hey Buggsy, like Brooks ... Hardy Nickerson is also a "leg humper"

Former Bucs great and current linebackers coach Hardy Nickerson told some of the media last week that it took he and the rest of the 1996 Bucs defense until Week 9 of that season to really feel comfortable in the Tampa 2 defensive scheme installed by then head coach Tony Dungy

could you do me a favor and got tell Hardware he's a "leg humper"?

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