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So Lovie took the 8th best defense in the entire league and turned it into the 25th best?? Wow!! That says it all, IMO!!  As to it taking time to learn this defense, if I was a betting man (and I'm not) I would bet a review if where the Buc defense stood especially in scoring defense in The first 6 games of 1996 vs where it stands now at 34 points per game would put the lie to the assertion that it takes time to learn this defense. When Brooks said that I'm sure he meant that it took time to REALLY learn it in all it's aspects, not that it took a REALLY long time before you could run it at ALL!!!

Yep, that argument is bullshit.  It would make sense if the Bucs had dropped from the 8th best defence to say 15th, a large drop but at least an argument that the Bucs were learning a totally different scheme and lacked the personnel makes sense.Amusingly, many like myself thought the Buc defence would take real steps forward under Lovie.  And the only reason it isn't worse is because it's been SO bad at times that opposing teams check out by the 3rd quarter.

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