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The one nitpick I’d make with your summary BR is around weak links/injuries.  First, everyone is playing terrible.  It's not like there's a few great talents and then a chasm of talent (kind of like in 2009).  Only McCoy, David, and Verner, and Johnson have a history of playing at a high level.  And even for Verner it was as the no. 2 CB and Johnson being the 3rd most talented player on the Bengals DL. Banks has regressed, as have Barron and Goldson when on the field. And even David has largely disappeared.Second, injuries only really matter if the players replacing them aren't any good.  Foster's game against the Ravens was bad.  Even with Johnson, while we hope it's because of injury it's not like his stat lines are off his career average.  And Banks when in the lineup has been very bad, and Jenkins was a technical starter who looked poor in the limited snaps he got and is a full-on bust.Again, I'm nitpicking.  But the Bucs haven't had any worse injuries than most teams most years.  They lack depth, but the starters aren't actually playing much better than the backups.

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