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Again, I'm nitpicking.  But the Bucs haven't had any worse injuries than most teams most years.  They lack depth, but the starters aren't actually playing much better than the backups.

My sense is that the starters are struggling in part because nobody trusts that the guy next to them is doing their job. Can't free-lance in this defense, and we've got a lot of it happening, either by choice or by ignorance (the Dixon example before).

Derrick Brooks - "patience"The Bucs have all kinds of problems on D, but the point made by Brooks and others is NOT that the players have to  LEARN the defense, its that they may have to learn to play within a scheme, If you are GMC or LVD, for the past couple years you have been playing your position and someone else's position. Youve been running all over the field making plays. now you're told just do your job . ..  so fill your gap because your teammate will be in the other gap.add to that a guy off the street

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