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New D - I actually think this is the weakest point.

Of course it's the weakest point, but it's the easiest for the excuse-makers to latch onto.  Every year in the NFL, there are new DC's that implement new schemes and other teams don't have any problem flourishing.  Just look at Kansas City and New Orleans last year and Detroit this year.

has anyone actually said that a new defense is the "excuse"? Or, have they said "patience"? I think Brooks and Booger, Hardy etc have said "patience," right? I think that has to do with new defense . .  and . .  new philosophy, need for more talent etc. In sum, they have said what Booker Reese said, but of course you only quoted ONE PART (lol)  Again, aren't you the guy that still refuses to post how many weeks is enough? When would you fire Lovie?  CANT WAIT TO SEE YOUR RESPONSE . . .YOU IMPLIED 6 WEEKS WAS TOO MUCH AND ONE WEEK MIGHT HAVE BEEN ENOUGH . . . SO WHAT IS IT?

This is what anonymity does to people. Buggsy has the time to post nonsense on PR after my question, but not to respond .  . because there is no response other than admitting the nonsense:

great stuff Buggsy

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