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I agree Tog. Another point; IIRC, Lovie left here to become the DC of, I believe the Rams. They wanted him to install the Tampa 2 and he was very successful with it almost immediately and became a HC VERY soon thereafter. If that defense had played as poorly in the first 6 games as this one has he would have been fired no later than the end of that season and wouldn’t have become a HC so quicklyIMO, this defense should be better now than it is....MUCH better.Also, remember, when Dungy took over this team Sapp wasn't Sapp, Brooks wasn't Brooks, Lynch wasn't Lynch and Barber wasn't Barber. However, when Lovie took over THIS team McCoy WAS McCoy, already a two-time Pro Bowler and considered the best DT in the entire NFL;  LoVante David WAS LoVante David, an all-pro OLB who was coming off a season having done some things no linebacker inHISTORY has ever done!!

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