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Cutting Collins would be a mistake IMO.  He has value playing on the interiior and for depth.  Mistake was made by the regime in assuming he could play LT but compounding that by making another hole on the overall roster is worse.

$6 mil a year for a guy better suited to be a versatile backup?  How much dead money are we talking about?

$3 million. $3 million saved on the cap though. Re: alldayway...Collins has never played in the interior in the pros. He's played both tackles and as an extra TE in Cincy. Perhaps he did it in college (I have no idea), but people assume he could just slot in.  The "assumed" he could play LT, because in fact, he actually played LT last year and performed well. I personally don't see him as a guard since I don't think he's shown himself to be nasty enough to handle the job inside.

As I am going to assume, as previously mentioned, that he will be cut within days of the season ending. Taking a bad player and making him a starter somewhere else just to save a few dollars does not make sense. Not enough dollars, not enough sense.

I'm with you Garv.  Given his "versatility",  he'd have been playing RT or G last week if the Bucs wanted him back next year. You never want to pay dead money to anyone, but the Bucs contracts are set up so the total amount of dead money is likely minimal. We were at roughly $12 million in 2013 and 2014, and have $7 million already for next year (mostly Nicks and Mark Barron). In comparison, Atlanta had $10 million this year, Carolina $26 million, and New Orleans $16 million. The only obvious (high dollar - i.e., greater than $500k) dead money possibilities I see besides Collins are Goldson ($4 million dead money, $4 million cap savings), Michael Johnson ($7 million dead, $2 million cap savings). As bad as he played, I'd still be a bit surprised if they let Johnson go.  I'm also not as convinced Goldson will be dropped now that Barron is gone. He might be a pay-cut candidate.

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