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Cutting Collins would be a mistake IMO.  He has value playing on the interiior and for depth.  Mistake was made by the regime in assuming he could play LT but compounding that by making another hole on the overall roster is worse.

$6 mil a year for a guy better suited to be a versatile backup?  How much dead money are we talking about?

Same argument was made with Zuttah and it cost the Bucs dearly in terms of depth and starting line up.  It even forced Licht's hand to trade for Mankins when Nicks bailed on the team. The savings can come the following year, when you secure Collins replacement and no dead money. Collins should be considered to kick on the inside because salvage value is better than no value.

I can see Pamphill sticking around.I can't the same for Edwards, especially if the team is more aggressive in upgrading the OG spot and possibly kicking Collins to play on the inside.

unlike his rookie year he is going to have to actually earn his roster spot next year in TC.

Yeah Edwards showed a lot during camp, but still not enough to:1. Beat out Omameh to start at RG or Gilkey that rotates in2. Licht trading for MankinsIt may have been the plan to groom Edwards while Nicks acted as a stop gap.  But once that fell part, Edwards had to show he could play and he simply didn't.  In fairness though, I think Edwards would fair a lot better than Gilkey, who is just trash as a player.But as my premise I laid out earlier, a draft choice or two in the interior and UFA means he has a lot of competition and he doesn't seem likely to win a spot.

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