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Of course Edwards has to show improvement to stick. He's a 5th rounder. I think this is a truism of pretty much all teams - they set a value ($) on players, and if you are playing at or near it, you stick, and if you don't, you are gone. They aren't going to pay Collins $6 million to be a lousy stop-gap guard.

I should HOPE not and doubt they will. The problem remains that St. Lovie has NEVER valued offensive linemen highly (or QB's for that matter) and that should concern anyone who wants to see the Buccaneers HAVE an offense worth typing about..... let alone buying tickets to observe.

Where's the evidence of that? He (and Licht) brought in 2 fairly high-end OL because he recognized it was a weakness. We drafted 2 more, and then traded for Logan Mankins. The choices may be wrong, but he clearly values it  We can quibble about whether he had full control or just the normal HC input, in Chicago (seems like his control grew overtime), but the Bears drafted 2 OL in round 1 during his tenure (both in the latter years where he had more control). As for QBs, he inherited Rex Grossman (2003 first rounder); Kyle Orton was a 4th rounder in 2005. I suppose he could pulled the plug on Rex and taken Aaron Rodgers, but 23 other teams passed as well, including our Bucs led by QB guru Jon Gruden. The only other good QB the Bears passed on was Joe Flacco. They traded multiple picks for Jay Cutler the following offseason.

He valued offensive lineman, but I think there's a strong argument he was terrible at identifying/developing them.I'd also argue that 9 years is a long time to evaluate an NFL coach and gives you a very good idea of who he is.  I, and I'll blame the media here too, didn't do a good enough job looking objectively at Lovie's track record.  I bought into the "He learned on the couch" narrative.The truth is that Lovie has a very good history with defences.  He'll likely have a very good defence here next year as well.  But he has a horrible track record with offences.  With OCs, with QBs, with OL.  As bad as Chicago's offence has been this year, it's still ranked 14th by FO which is better than Lovie ever managed.  It's not that he doesn't care about these positions, it's that he can't identify/develop/coach these positions.As for specifically QB, Lovie's job is to find one.  He had 9 years to do so. That's a REALLY long time in the NFL.  And as someone else pointed out, he's made the playoffs in 3/10 seasons.  I'm not going to pull up how that compares to modern coaches (someone else feel free) but that's not very good. 

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