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28-52 Over the last 5 seasons with the media darling Dominik at the helm. Media darling? Not lately.11-21 the last two seasons under the guidance of Schiano. A coach from a lower tier College Program that never won the worst conference in college football. Not sure why the second part would be relevant if it were true, which it is not. 2010 was the last winning season that was full of hope and optimism as a young roster overachieved. 2007-2008 was the last back to back winning seasons the Bucs have had. Where is the silver lining with the current regime? Where is the hope that 2010 gave us? Yeah it's pretty common knowlege that the 10-6 season was smoke and mirrors and taking advantage of a easy schedule, but we'd all take 10-6 over the garbage that we are currently seeing on a weekly basis. Agreed!When do we as fans see a consistently good, and competitive team again? Do the Bucs become the Browns of the NFC and continue the downward trend? Possibly.In my view the losing ways and mentality will continue on until the front office is retooled, a new scouting department, and Pro coaches are brought in. This situation is not a quick fix, but progress and steady improvement is what needs to be seen to make me believe this team can be consistently good again. You need the stud QB. But just as significantly you need a line to protect him. That all begins with a new gm.

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