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Seems awfully quiet regarding Bill Cowher considering all the HC vacancies. And the Glazer boys do like to make a splash.

They do indeed, but it seems Cowher has long made it clear that he's done coaching.  Who needs the stress once the competitive fires have died out?

You're right. Just throwing it out there cause I haven't heard anything with him and that's usually the type of Glazer hire. Thief in the night with no leaks to the press.

You're sure right about that.  Let's hope they've learned to move more quickly than they have in the past, though, which means they can't keep all of the news as hidden because agents, friends, etc., will talk.

They did fire Schiano pretty early so my guess is they've identified his successor. Whoever they hire is going to have to fix this last place offense, we really suck on that side of the ball.

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