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First, DTG I missed your insight. Welcome back!Next, could you tell us a little more on Tedford? I know he was mentioned as a potential HC candidate when the Bucs fired Gruden but I honestly don't watch much Pac-12 football. Hasn't he been out of coaching for a few years?I think getting Frazier or Marinelli would be awesome...both? Wow. Hope the Cowboys do a Monte purge. Frankly, with the three levels covered in Sapp (McCoy), Brooks (David) and Lynch (Goldson/Barron) as well as a better Ronde (Revis), I think the Bucs could dominate with Tampa Two. Could be a waste of Revis, though. They'd need a Simeon to complete the package.

First, I have nothing of substance to share on Tedford. Second, I don't know why people automatically assume that the Bucs will run T2 if Lovie is hired.

Because that's what he's ran as a DC and HC.  He may very well change that, but It's a logical assumption to make.

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