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Michael Johnson, Anthony Collins, EDS, Cousins and McCown are all vary degrees of horrible FA signings. Some are overpaid, some aren’t paid that high but have just stunk really really badly and others act like they don’t give a rip.All 5 should be off the team next year, it'll be some dead money, but even saving $5 million between the 5 would be reason enough to send them packing. All have contributed to the suck that is our offense. EDS is a joke. Literally funny trying to watch a guy who was once considered a top 5-10 center roll the football on the ground, snap the ball into receivers going in motion and even botch a snap while QB is under center. How does that happen? You feel the QB behind you and you just roll it.Collins has shown why he wasn't able to break the starting line up in Cincy. He's a fill in and nothing more, certainly not close to  a starting LT.Cousins was coined the worst football player one reporter had ever seen, I'm inclined to think that reporter was more right than wrong after seeing him play this year.McCown showed us what I already knew but Lovie did not. McCown was the benefit of a good offensive system, with a good run game and 2 elite WR and TE around him combined against horrible passing defenses.Finally Michael Johnson has surprised no one. He's done exactly what he had been doing his entire career. Running up field, creating huge running lanes for RBs and bringing in 3 sacks. He did poop his pants a little more than usual as he combined the poor run defense and almost zero production in the sack department with fewer QB pressures that normal.Simply put, every big name FA we brought in has sucked. Guys like McDonald, Myers, Wright, Lansanah were all considered depth or slightly above and have worked out pretty well. We should do that and forget the big contracts.

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