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Johnson has the excuse of being injured, but his effort is questionable.  Collins is simply not suited as a LT but can be salvaged to play elsewhere one the line.I am going to have to say Verner because of the big three free agents, his play should be near the elite level of play.

DEFINITELY not Verner.  Going to have to strongly disagree alldaway.  First, his contract is actually pretty team friendly.  It's nothing, 4 years 26 million.  Second, while he's been a little up and down, he's still played at a high level at times.  And while the Bucs (and everyone here) hoped Verner became an elite no. 1 corner, he actually wasn't signed to be.  And he's still really young.  I think Verner is in the conversation for BEST free agent signing.I think the worst FA signing has to be a tie between Johnson and Collins.  Both have played abhorrently and neither should be starter.  McCown is probably ACTUALLY the worst in terms of play, but I separate the GM decision to sign him (good) and the Coach decision to play him (terrible).

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