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1) Either Seattle Coordinator2) Brian Shaw3) Guz Malzhan4) Wisenhunt5) Jim Leavitt

You have got to be joking...

Leavitt purely because he's a local guy and USF has become a laughing stock since he left.Malzhan has worked his way up from high school to college coordinator to winning the SEC as a headcoach.  Next step is the NFL and nothing in his past indicates he'd fail there. He's an offensive mastermind (IMO, he makes Chip Kelly look average) who has changed his offensive philosophy based on the personnel he's handed. Guy's a genius.

I dont even know how to respond to this.  Im going to just assume Leavitt was a joke.  Malzhan might be a genius, but he is also less than 10 years removed from being a high school coach.  He has only been a head coach in college for 2 seasons.  How about we keep our search in the NFL realm for now?

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