Re: Re: who do you want at 9 (circumstances given)


The ONLY DE I see worth a sub 10 pick is Buckner.I dont trust Bosa, Floyd, Lawson, or Spence.If it played out like that my board would have to be (in no perticular order)VH3ColemanButlerRankinsOgbahSpenceAgain, I dont like Ogbah or Spence at 9. I just dont feel like they are BPA. There are lot of 2-3 rd DEs in this draft, many masqurading as 1st round prospects. Id try like hell to trade down and draft BPA in the teens. You could still get any number of my board at that point. That said, if Buckner, Ramsey, or Jack fall to 9, you run to the podium. They are far and away my top 3 from a BPA perspective.

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