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Why is nobody talking about TE. Take away garbage time and ASJ had like 200 yards

Is there a RE worth using the #9 pick on considering other needs and who should still be on the board?I wouldn't be against grabbing one in the mid rounds but the needs, draft position and talents don't really line up for us drafting a TE IMO

That's the same logic that had us pass on Gronkowski 3 times and 2 of the players we took are out of the league.Needs based drafting is a recipe for busts.

Your first post about ASJ is an argument for need-based drafting.  Now it's a recipe for busts?Also, there isn't a TE worth a top ten pick.  There are no Collin Peek's in this draft.

Need based drafting is looking at your top 2 or 3 needs and picking that. Bucs should be open to WR, TE, OT, DE, DB. Not just DE or CB.And Hunter Henry will be a star.