Re: Re: who do you want at 9 (circumstances given)


I like Henry well enough, but there's no way in hell he's a top ten pick.

Every year there are players who are "no way in hell a top ten pick" and then turn out to be a top 10 player in the draft. I'm not talking about late round miracles, I'm talking projected 1st round picks.

Luckily enough for you, very few mocks/analysts have Henry as a first round selection.  The team should be able to trade back into the first to get him if they like him enough to do so.  Or sit tight in round two and take him there.Taking a second round/borderline first round prospect in the top 10 would be astoundingly stupid.

A good team will snag in the late 1st, like what happened with Heath Miller, Olsen and Eifert while the perennial bad teams keep drafting busts.

So are you advocating to draft Henry in the top ten or late first?  The value of the selection is quite different.

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