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1. Mariota2. Cry we didn't get Mariota.Seriously, if you don't want this team to take a chance on a QB with a top pick I have to question your sanity. We need a good QB and Mariota or even Winston both are good options. Even if you don't think they are the one, what does it do for the team to not at least try? Why take an OT then hope we get another top pick next year and then hope a good QB is in the draft?

For 3 reasons.1. I am not convinced that either of the "must haves" this year are that, "must haves" and we will end up wasting the pick.2. If the opposition are in our backfield before the snap is completed, which is what is happening right now, it doesn't matter who the QB is, the result is going to be the same.3. If a rookie QB gets slammed to the ground as much as ours are right now, by the time we get the line sorted out we will have a Rob Jones or David Carr mk2. Shell shocked and happy feet.

why do you and others type as if its one or the other? Why can't we address QB and o-line?

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