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Boid - for me its got to be a quarterback! And there are multiple layers to that statement.

no need to over-analyze it.....1st pick, who are you taking?For me, it's Mariota.

What made u demote Winston this week?WinstonMariotaPeatt

would you still like for us to trade for Manziel?

Not when we have the number 1 pick and our choice at anyone we want in the entire draft. Manziel was definitely bad today but I don't have total changes in opinions based off of someone's first start. People were saying told ya so about bortles after a couple of pre season games. Winston > any other option at QB but I never thought we'd actually have a shot at him. And if u like mariota but not manziel than you should consider that mariota will be coming in with the same major concern which is neither of them played a game that resembles an NFL game in college.

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