Re: Re: Who is a deal breaker for you at #9?


Rankins. At least at 9. If we trade down to 14-16 and get him I'm fine with him

I've always had trouble with this line of thinking.....he's not a good pick at 9 but would be good 5-6 picks later?If he's the beast that some suspect, why does it matter where you take him?

I've always had the same issue with this. In some the re-mocks of last years draft, Kwon is rated as a low first round pick, however if some team had chosen him in the first round last year, they would have been crucified for the pick.I don't trust rankings and I don't trust the so-called analysts. I see Rankins rated at the bottom of the first round, but I wouldn't care a bit if we picked him at #9 if the Bucs felt that he was their best player available on their board.

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