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I'll be happy with Nkemdechi. We could use that kind of crazy.

he reminds me of a child of Aqib Talib and Tanard jackson off the fieldno thankscant make plays when youre perpetually suspended

Because he smoked synthetic weed? You would be against Chandler Jones too? Tyrann Mathieu?

have you followed his whole career? he has made a lot of suspect decisions over the yearsit takes quite a lot to get a star player suspended so id be willing to bet the weed thing isnt an isolated incidenthell a picture came out of him doing a big ass bong rip in college and nothing ever happened. combine that with his inconsistency as a player. he fails to make plays despite incredible physical giftshe seems like the kind of guy where the sky is the limit if he wants it and im concerned that he doesnt want it. coupled with reports that he wants to be a celebrity, he has an offputting personality, and hes didnt seem interested in the Combine interviewshe seems like an immense waste of talent and i dont want to waste a top 10 pick on him. 3rd round pick sure id roll the dice but not at #9

Exactly and to that I would add he has ZERO accountability. Liar. Blames media for his issues. He’s got Marcus Dupree and Ryan Leaf written all over him.