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Draft that guy from Florida State. We wouldn't have to worry about the kicker position for 12 years or so.

Lil lite skin nmen, gotta go 9-2 to set the all time win record. I don't think they do it. Some tough back to backs, mixed in there.

I think they're going to do it.

They got the Spurs twice, IIRC. Now if they had the Lakers all 11 games, no problem.

Hold on now. if they had the Lakers for all 11 games, they would go 1-10. Last time we played them we kicked their asses to sleep.They'll beat the Spurs once or both times IMO.

Ha Ha, just joking with you man. I know your a Lakers fan. I hope they get the #1 pick and draft Ben Simmons. But they could end up with no lottery pick at all. [Steve Nash trade]

Ben Simmons/Brandon Ingram or trade that pick for Demarcus Cousins, that's all I ask.No way in hell that we lose our pick tho. Its a possibility but I'll put that 5%. The league owes us for screwing us out of that Chris Paul deal.

I hear ya man, top 3 pick and you are safe. I would hate to see Philly get that pick. I am rooting for Lil lite skin nmem to win it all, and the Lakers to win the lottery. 25237399771_2363eb36d5_z.jpgmag by anti java, on Flickr