Re: Re: who would you draft? Robert Nkemdiche vs Noah Spence


Noah Spence without hesitation.  I'll take the try hard with a good attitude over the super talented slacker butthead every day of the week.

keep in mind Smith was habitually jeopardizing his future every weekend which eventually led to him getting kicked out of OSU. I dont know how that qualifies as try hard with a good attitude. and before youd choose smith one without hesitation over him, have you ever watched the game film? Ive watched plenty of Nkemdiche film and this slacker on the field stuff is not something that ever really stood out to me. I feel like its very overblown. He may have slacked on some plays in the same way Clowney did. If he was doubled and the play was well away from him then sure. Those things I hardly criticized Clowney for at the time which is why I probably didnt noticed when watching  Nkemdiche

Funny you mention Clowney, he is exactly who I think of when I watch Nkemdiche...all the skill in the world who plays when he wants to.  2nd round, fine. way (for me).

Did Clowney look like he was playing only when he wanted to when we faced the Texans? Maybe you didnt notice him making his way to very quickly to Winston nearly every snap.If anyone is seriously judging Nkemdiche on game film than there is no way you could put a second round grade on him especially in this draft class when hes clearly top 5 Dlineman in this class.

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