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This is a serious question.  I still believe this is one of the worst signings in Dominick's tenure (outside of the Revis deal).  There's NO reason to give a punter this kind of money...I mean, at least placekickers score points!  Only if the punter's average opponent starting position was inside the 5yd would I even consider giving a big salary figure to a punter.....maybe.So, I decided to list a few reasons why the cut should be made:1) He's a punter.2) He's the 12th highest cap hit on the team (even with the cuts & new signings!!)3) As far as I can see, there is no lingering cost in his contract that would affect the cap if he's cut.4) He's still just a punter.5) He ranked 26th in net yardage in 2013....29th for kicks inside the 20.6) He's the HIGHEST paid punter in the LEAGUE.7) He's a freaking PUNTER!!!

Damn Licht is good.The only thing left to biiiiatch about is the overpriced punter!!!Somebody pinch me.

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