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I think the whole thing went wrong because the coach was in over his head and the season was a disaster. Let's just speculate if the Bucs would've hired Marty; does anyone believe Freeman would've deteriorated like he did? Would Bennett had been allowed to walk? And finally would the Bucs had been 4-12? I say no, it would've been a whole lot different. This regime wouldn't be here and Revis would still be here. And none of us would even be talking about his contract since the Bucs didn't have cap problems to begin with. Yeah it was a premium price but Dom didn't think he would be going anywhere soon; even still, he constructed the contract in a way that it protected the Bucs. And it did; when this regime decided that they had to blow this roster up and fill more holes then originally thought, Revis' contract gave them that extra room needed to do so. Normally, they would've been stuck but because Dom did the contract like he did it was the perfect scenario but look around at how the top corners are creeping up closer to that 16 mil number. How much do you think Sherman is going to get? I think it was a risk well taken; the Bucs just had the wrong coach in place.

To answer your questions in order...Probably so.Probably not.And who the &!@$ cares? The issue that you seem to be overlooking in your rambling about how things would be if they weren't they way that they are, is that the Bucs came out of this having reaped nowhere near the level of return they obviously sought from their investment- that is the essence of a bad deal. Sure, the contract made it easy cap-wise to wash our hands, but that same deal also made him un-tradeable in the event we needed to quickly offload that contract  for extra cash and assets (picks or players). Now not only did we miss out on both of the prospects we COULD have had via the compensation we sent to the Jets (I'm starting to sound like you here), we also wasted the opportunity for whatever prospects we could have added via trade or draft compensation THIS year. I have to say I agree with others here that I'm a little disappointed that SR continues to carry water for Dom. I've got nothing against the man and he certainly gave the Bucs more that a few good years, but he was a failure as a GM.

Duh, that's a no brainer everyone knows that the compensation didn't add up; but that is only due to the regime change. You know and everybody here arguing about PRs integrity knows that if this regime had decided to keep Revis he would've definitely out weighed what the Bucs had to give up. That isn't even worth arguing about. I am simply stating that there is no bad guy here. For obvious reasons the trade didn't work out. If the Bucs didn't have the Freeman situation and the Bucs would've won the 3 games out of the first 4 that they should've won; the season would've went a whole lot different and then Revis would still be here and those draft picks and the 16 mil would be an afterthought. There is a risk with every trade; just like there is a risk with every draft pick. Personally, I would rather take the risk on Revis. I still think at the time it was worth the risk; hindsight is 20/20 but just believe that this regime is taking a big risk letting Revis go. Let Verner and most of these other signings not work out. See what the narrative would be then. Just because PR and others can see why Dom made the trade and signing; isn't a reason to attack someone's integrity!!!!!!!!!!!

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