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My opinion is it was an incomplete trade. Obviously not getting anything in return makes it bad for Tampa Bay now that it is over. But if they guy has stayed and the Bucs win a Super bowl then it becomes a good trade. The real deal will be how the players obtained with Revis’ $16 million work out. If they don’t pan out then it becomes a bad decision to release him.  I can't say there is anyone with the talent of Revis that the Bucs could have drafted last year. CERTAINLY not a CB (Milliner, Rhodes, Banks, Trufant). I can't say for sure, but is anyone from the 2013 draft class going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer like Revis will?The bad part to me was the fact he essentially was a one-year rental player that the Buccaneers spent 100's of hours rehabbing and protecting in the media (zone coverage questions daily). But if the Bucs went 8-8 last year and Dominik and Schiano were retained then no one would be saying it was a bad trade. To me how it turned out in the end was the bad part, but again I still say it wasn't good or bad, but incomplete because you never know how it may have turned out. It is almost like blaming Dominik or any GM for a first-round draft pick that blows a knee in camp. Is that a bad draft pick?Ultimately for the sake of the franchise it turned out to be a bad decision, but hard to say it was a bad trade.

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