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My opinion is it was an incomplete trade. Obviously not getting anything in return makes it bad for Tampa Bay now that it is over. But if they guy has stayed and the Bucs win a Super bowl then it becomes a good trade. The real deal will be how the players obtained with Revis' $16 million work out. If they don't pan out then it becomes a bad decision to release him. 

See, the problem is that you're propping up the trade by creating an alternate, fantasy scenario that justifies Dom's decision.  That's fine to do at the start of the 2013 season when people were whining about the trade - you can say, "but hey if they win a superbowl it becomes a good one."  That's an okay defense.  Unfortunately we know that this didn't happen, as the Bucs just barely missed the playoffs by like 7 games.

^^^This is the issue that few seem to focus on. The Revis contract may make sense in the context of pushing the Bucs over the edge to a SB, but think about that for a minute. .  that means that Dom thought before last season that the Bucs were truly on the brink? Really? The same Dom who did not give Freeman a long-term deal? The same Dom who watched the Bucs struggle down the stretch the year before? First, if Dom truly thought the Bucs were on the brink and that is why the deal made sense then that alone is a reason to say it was a bad deal. Second, if you accept that Dom could not have possibly thought this team was truly on the brink (and with Freeman, how could he?) and yet he still did this deal then the deal comes off like: a) a desperate Dom trying to save his job with a big splash move or b) a desperate Dom getting caught with all his eggs in one basket as other options disappeared. 

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