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Look at what the Patriots have done – they have Revis on a two year contract that will undoubtedly be a one-year $12 million shot at a title.  Brady’s window is closing, they are close, and they need to beat Peyton.  It’s still an insane amount of money for a corner, but they think he’s the missing piece for a great team.The differences, of course, are that (1) they didn't give up any picks for this one year rental and (2) they don't have a long-term plan with Revis - there is zero chance that he gets paid $20 million in year two of the contract, because that would be crazy town.  I still wouldn't pay $12 million to a corner, but at least there's some logic in thinking that Revis will be enough to get them over the top.Again, Patriots and Bucs are in two completely different scenarios.  And, tellingly, even the Patriots refused to take over Revis' Bucs contract for a 7th round 2018 pick or whatever the Bucs were seeking before cutting him.

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