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Look, it WAS a terrible deal for the Buccaneers. We all know that.

SR doesn't agree. Did you read the article? That's the whole point.

Still think it doesn't matter anymore. Seriously, as a fan, what matters more? A bad trade last year or the turnover of players, coaches, the HC and GM for the new look (literally) Buccaneers? Heck, cutting Revis even provided a lot of CAP money to make some of those deals.

You're conflating the issue of whether the Revis fiasco matters more or less than other issues, such as roster turnover, new coaches, etc. ("as a fan, what matters more?") with whether the issue is even worth discussing in the first place ("it doesn't matter anymore.").  I might agree with you on the first, but definitely disagree with you on the second.But the solution is super easy, in either event - if you don't want to debate the relative merits of the Revis trade and its impact on the Bucs in 2013, 2014, and thereafter, there are all sorts of threads that aren't titled "Will we see an article on how bad the Revis trade/contract was?" that may be more to your liking.

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