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It is time for folks who took a position on the Revis deal last year to step forward and get their credit.  I would offer the bucs were not good last year for a variety of reasons.  Not too many of them had to do with the Revis deal.  With the change of front office and coaching groups they wanted to make the change to build a team they were comfortable with and confident in.  So they chose to money previously allocated for other purpose.  If that money had been spread out to 3 to 5 players the rebuild would have been a lot more difficult to make the number of changes in a variety of areas of the team. So it turned out last year's group couldn't get it done and the course has changed - just as if a high draft pick had failed... and perhaps a 4th rounder... or more.  Game/seasons turn on stuff like that.  Hell, we all know this - we are buccaneer fans... The outcome could have been worse.  I like having Lovie and Licht in the FO and coaching - and I like the moves they were able to make largely because of the Revis deal... And there is still more cleaning up coming - this year and next.  Just hoping L&L can keep it on track - and get their qb in place.  Just my .02

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