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Was the Nicks signing a bad deal? If he never plays again I'm sure some will say yes, but a bad toe and MRSA isn't anything that Dominik could have seen coming.

Actually it was a bad deal and not for the reasons mentioned, it was yet again because Dom liked to collect "names" and couldn't work out a decent value if his job depended on it.You simply don't invest the type of money we did in 2 guards when the position really isn't high on the list of importance, that is what got Dom fired, over paying virtually everybody he handed a contract too and collecting names rather than building a real team.The fact that Nicks hasn't played much for the reasons you mentioned only makes it so much worse.If Dom had bothered to invest some draft picks in the oline the need for a guy like Nicks likely wouldn't have been there, instead of doing that he went for the high risk, no return guys like Price, Bowers, Benn with premium picks.There is no defending it, maybe if 1 or 2 deals Dom made were bad you could maybe make a case it was just a mistake, but the Revis deal was bad, the Wright signing was bad, the Nicks signing was bad, ignoring the oline in favor of busts who had massive red flags was bad. The Nicks deal wasn't simply an error in hindsight, it was part of a larger pattern of mistakes that could be seen before they even happened which resulted in guys getting fired and us having to go on a massive rebuilding mission this off season.

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