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Revis was signed to a $12 mln contract within 3 hours of his release and supposedly had another 25 teams interested in him.  You claim the contract is untradeable, but in reality, letting it known that we would release Revis by a certain date if not traded was what made him untradeable.  it had nothing to do with the contract at that point - why trade ANYTHING for a player you know is about to hit the open market?We got Revis, in part, because his former GM was willing to eat bonus money ($3 million worth) and play his hand, keep leverage so that we DID trade for him.  Had they made it known he was definitely going to be released, maybe Dom still trades for him, but I doubt it's for the compensation we gave.I'm just saying, the releasing Revis in the fashion they did, with absolutely no return, was not something that was Dom's doing.  The contract?  Fine.  Even the draft picks, also fine.  But in actuality there was absolutely no reason to release Revis when they did, and given the demand, I would've love to have seen what bidding war would be going on right now as FA dried up and teams got desperate.

Everything I've read, which can always turn out to be wrong , is that they've been trying to trade Revis for a couple months. So the decision to release him actually was the culmination of repeated attempts at trade/renegotiation going back to before the combine. So the news that he was going to be released if he wasn't traded was likely leaked by Revis' agent when Light approached him and said "Renoegotiate or we release" - which happened on the eve of free agency.

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