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Anyone can look back at my posts a year ago.  I was one of the very few, and I mean very few who were against spending a first round pick and big$ for and injured Revis.  I would have much rather gone the route of using the pick and the money to do basically what Lovie is doing now.  I hardly heard a peep back then from anyone against getting Revis,  including the local media.  Local media pressure was adamant about getting Revis.  Here are excerpts from Martin Fennelly’s column on the subject with the heading, “Buccaneers need to be bold and go get Revis”"Go get him... Go get Darrelle Revis.....  $15 million per season is not out of the Bucs' realm of thinking......The man is a game-changer....The Bucs need to get Revis.....And the Bucs need to go get him.....It's time to go get Darrelle Revis."Unfortunately, I believe the Glazers succumb to media pressure more than even I thought was possible, especially from the locals.  I wouldn't be surprised if they read Fennelly's column, called up Mark D. and said , " Go get him".Regardless of the why we  wanted to "go get him",  an injured Revis had to be without guarantees.  It had to be a first round pick.  Mark D. got a standing ovation for the deal a year ago.  If Coach Schiano and Mark D. were retained,  Revis would not have been released.  They would not have been able to have the kind of free agent spending spree that Lovie has had, but they would have decided to keep Revis and Mark D. would be currently blamed for nothing.  This was Lovie's choice since January on how to spend the money.

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