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I think the whole thing went wrong because the coach was in over his head and the season was a disaster. Let’s just speculate if the Bucs would’ve hired Marty; does anyone believe Freeman would’ve deteriorated like he did? Would Bennett had been allowed to walk? And finally would the Bucs had been 4-12? I say no, it would’ve been a whole lot different. This regime wouldn’t be here and Revis would still be here. And none of us would even be talking about his contract since the Bucs didn’t have cap problems to begin with. Yeah it was a premium price but Dom didn’t think he would be going anywhere soon; even still, he constructed the contract in a way that it protected the Bucs. And it did; when this regime decided that they had to blow this roster up and fill more holes then originally thought, Revis’ contract gave them that extra room needed to do so. Normally, they would’ve been stuck but because Dom did the contract like he did it was the perfect scenario but look around at how the top corners are creeping up closer to that 16 mil number. How much do you think Sherman is going to get? I think it was a risk well taken; the Bucs just had the wrong coach in place.

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