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[Its honestly negotiating 101 - the longer the uncertainty about you getting the product you want is there the more you are willing to pay to get it.  Of course $16 million is untradeable before March 12th, because everyone expects that the player is getting released anyways (probably even before the media caught wind).  But I argue $16 million would've been very tradeable had that date passed and suddenly teams who wanted Revis enough to sign him within 3 hours of his release would at least SERIOUSLY contemplate eating that $16 million and sending a pick our way.

So you honestly believe that the Browns thought they were going to get Revis for something under $16mil per year by waiting out the Bucs? The move to the Pats was so telegraphed that even a marginal football fan could have figure this one out. Even knowing this situation, no team was willing to give anything up for Revis. The other teams did what Dominik should have done last year and walked away when the price didn't go down.

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