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I don’t hold stock in “media” reports as much as you do ryan24.  Darrell Revis was available last year and that is the type of player that more than one team is always going to be interested in.  Dominik may very well be dumb, but I’m also not going to hold that fact that only “one” team was reportedly interested by media sources.  Remember Favre?  The Bucs were the one team interested according to the media - that is until Minnesota signed him.  The media knows things when teams, players, and/or agents want them to know.  Not the other way around.All I'm saying is we cashed out when Revis' value was at the lowest.  To me, he's the type of player worth holding onto as long as possible if you are getting rid of him to see if you can get something in return.  If that meant giving up a 3rd rounder for a 4th and $1.5 mill then so be it.  I think we could've gotten something for him - a first ballot hall of famer still in his prime.  In my opinion, the contract was not the issue, the deadline was.  And back to the original point, THAT decision not to maximize value is not on Dominik.  It is on Licht.  Licht made the decision to part ways without maximizing his value, and he owns that decision.  And like I said, at least he signed Verner to a VERY reasonable contract to at least make up for it.  It doesn't take away the fact we let go of one of the best players in the league for nothing, but it does blunt it quite a bit.  Hate Dominik all you want, he made some terrible decisions in his own right, but he can not be blamed for giving up Revis for nothing.  That is on Licht.

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