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The real question to me, though, is whether the Bucs could have convinced a team to give a (high) 3rd in exchange for Revis and a (high) 4th if they let the deadline pass.  That's the break even point, and they obviously felt it wasn't worth the risk.  Hard to second-guess that on the outside and given that I've liked the other savvy moves Licht has made (how in the world the Bucs convinced Verner and EDS to sign those below-market contracts), he gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

The reason no one would give picks is because its essentially a ONE YEAR deal. Good for the team that Revis could be cut, but not worth giving up picks because the only way you keep him is to pay well over the market. The scenario you are describing is a team giving up a (high)4th or higher for paying Revis $14.5 million in 2014 and the $16 million in 2015 and so on. The Patriots only gave the guy $12 million FOR ONE YEAR  and gave up NO PICKS for the honor and privilege of paying the guy $12 million . ..  Talib got $12 million guaranteed (again, no picks). .  that tells you a little bit about the maket. . . .  nobody was giving up any picks up for Revis (or any of these guys) because they are all essentially on ONE YEAR deals

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