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The reason no one would give picks is because its essentially a ONE YEAR deal. Good for the team that Revis could be cut, but not worth giving up picks because the only way you keep him is to pay well over the market. The scenario you are describing is a team giving up a (high)4th or higher for paying Revis $14.5 million in 2014 and the $16 million in 2015 and so on. The Patriots only gave the guy $12 million FOR ONE YEAR  and gave up NO PICKS for the honor and privilege of paying the guy $12 million . ..  Talib got $12 million guaranteed (again, no picks). .  that tells you a little bit about the maket. . . .  nobody was giving up any picks up for Revis (or any of these guys) because they are all essentially on ONE YEAR deals

Vin, I admit I'm ignorant on many things cap-wise. Keep that in mind,but I just don't get these were "one year deals".  Sure, maybe, 2, 3, or even 4 million more than the market this season, but I don't believe for a minute that the contract called for Revis to be released.  I believe as SR stated, he was here to be a pro-bowl player for 3 or 4 years.  And it wasn't Mark D.'s job to write a contract that enabled Revis to be traded by a successive regime.  He was here to play.  I also believe the previous regime would have let Penn go too.  They already parted ways with Freeman, and they could have let Nicks go as well.  I don't think salary cap wise they would have had to touch Revis' contract.  They would have been able to sign FA's as well.  They probably could have signed Johnson or Verner, but maybe not both.  Ok.If Revis does in fact make more pro-bowls, then Lovie better hit a home run with most of his selections in FA or he will be the one who made one of the worst decisions in Buc history, not Mark D.  Again, I was against the Revis deal a year ago for reasons of injury risk, draft picks, and cap cost.  But once the deal is done,  and he heals up, and you've got him, I would have kept him and left the contract alone.

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