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Here's the thing though - the contract and salary did not tie our hands. 

Lol. all evidence to the contrary, right?  Kidding aside, I get your point except I would say it a bit differently:  the"contract and salary" tied our hand TO Revis.  Your point is that we could've kept Revis. I get that part, but would note that even you couched your comment by saying "this year," so I guess you agree that this team could've RENTED Revis for one  more year at $16 million dollars BUT that that leaves them in the same position next year, right? So, your point is if they rent him this year and this year Revis doesn't play worth $16 million or plays well but just isn't worth the $16 million in this defense, then the team cuts him next year, but at least they got some "value" from him this year, right? If that is what you mean, it doesn't address the contract issue that I am discussing, but that said it should be pretty obvious that this GM and this HC don't think that we are a single player away from a Super Bowl, they are rebuilding the entire team, they have a long leash and goodwill right now, so of course they are going to get rid of Revis right now rather than rent him for one more year BUT . .again . . . none of that changes the FACT that the structure of the contract prevents anyone, the current regime or past, from getting any value FOR Revis EVEN THOUGH WE GAVE UP PICKS.  That has been my point all along, the contract signed by Dom did NOT account for not wanting to keep Revis, particularly early on. That is the FLAW and there were scenarios, with Dom here even, where a $16 million player might not have been worth keeping around.

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