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Also, in regards to Mike's contract, go check out @Bucs_Nation and @LeoHowell8 on Twitter.  They are trying to figure out which years are guaranteed (officially) and which years aren't. If 2014 is guaranteed, there's no chance he goes anywhere...unless...they can trade him...I think Lovie will try his best to get through to him.  I'd honestly be surprised if he can't.  We'll see...

His contract included $8.4M guaranteed and he got that in 2013. His base salary from 2013 and 2014 are also his $1.2M base salary in 2014 is still guaranteed....but that is all.

Based on that link, his cap hit will be 1.8 mill this year but goes up to 6.8 the following season. I'd say this year is critical for both he and the Bucs.